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ALY3Hi, I am Lindsay! I am a thirty-five year old mother of three. I have always been involved with athletics since I was a young girl; I was part of a state champion baton twirling team, a college cheerleader , a gymnast, and began lifting weights in my sophomore year of high school.  I met my husband, Brian, at the Police Department and instantly fell in love with his honest personality. He was one person I could 100% count on to help me when life was crazy.He lives a “enjoy Life NOW” attitude.When I reached my thirties, I began to struggle with the demands of life.  I was a full time mother, full time wife, and full time police officer.  The demands of being a female police officer began to take its toll on my health.  I was the first female K9 handler in the 100-year history of the police department and my male co-workers never could understand the demands I had compared to them.  I told them, I not only do the job you do, but I also do the job your wife does.Being exposed to the negative side of life, and the internal corruption of a man eat man world, led me down a path of depression.  Too many demands I had placed on myself though the misconception that I had to “do it all.”  I had a lack of lust for life, buried deeper and deeper into the hole I had dug for myself.

Thankfully my husband, Brian, was supportive in my decision to walk away, and I begin living my best life. My 6&6+2 mates, Irish Mary and Kellie, introduced me to Muay Thai at Brigada Elite.  I became the fighter I always knew was inside me. My confidence, that had once been crushed working in a male dominated world, began to come back. I have come out on the other side a confident fighter, able to compete with my inner negative thoughts.  Through this journey to a healthy confident life, I was able to become a better mother and wife.

My experiences over the past year have led me to developing my business, ALY Warriors (Always Love Yourself). I am certified in health counseling, holistic nutrition, personal training and sports nutrition, this gives me the ability to help my clients achieve their goals in many different facets. My goal is to educate clients about the food they eat and inspire them to become more active in their lives.
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My Name is Mary O’Dwyer. I was born in 1972 and reared in Co. Cork, Ireland. I graduated from University College Cork with my B.Sc. in Food Chemistry in 1994. I then came to the United States and pursued my Doctorate in Food Science where I specialized in protein chemistry. I was awarded my Ph.D. in 1999 from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. While in Nebraska I met and married my husband, Steve Marquette.In 1999 we moved to California (because there was no way I was staying in Nebraska!) where there is obviously something in the water because I was pregnant within 3 weeks….! I had 2 sons within 20 months of each other and I continued to work on and off till 2005. In 2003 my oldest son Ethan was diagnosed with autism and in 2005 I gave up paid employment to work full-time with him and his diet and all the therapies he needed.I have thoroughly enjoyed being a full time mom. Ethan has made enormous progress and attends a very challenging prep school where he is mainstreamed. His brother, Luke, also attends the school and I have been a volunteer PE teacher at the school for the past 4 years. I also coach Luke’s U10 soccer team, the Flaming Fantas! (4-1-2 season record…woohoo)!

In my spare time I love to work out…..get me sweaty !!!!! Love it. I also do sprint triathlons, mud runs ( sweaty and dirty :) !!!!!) and some challenging bike riding. In the summer I love the beach and boogie board with the kids a lot. I also enjoy a really good book, baking, cooking and socializing. Now it is time for me to go back to work and I am very excited for this next chapter!

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Kellie Warren Stats:

Age: 43

Height: 5′ 5” (lies and says 5′ 6”)

Weight: 120-124 (was 129 before clean eating)

Push-ups…30 without stopping

Pull-ups….2-4 honestly

Freq of Workouts: 6-8 hours per week

The good: loves intense, sweaty workouts and is in great shape for a suburban mother of 3 boys

The ugly: Major sweet/beer/salt tooth, everyday diet is clean with cheats on most weekend. Buys goldfish crackers by the truckload

I am the “real” in this trio. Most women have my reluctant body type, bad (well not awful) eating habits and love of wine, beer and overall happy hour food.  I had been the same stubborn weight on my calorie counting app for 6 months. The ‘Calories In – Calories Out’ was not working!!!!  After incorporating clean eating into my daily diet, my 6 packs came out.  Exercise was important, but now I realize the power of good, clean, organic wholesome food.

Brief bio on me:

I grew up in Los Angeles area; lost my mom at 12, dad at 16 but gained an amazing family after moving in with my sister Carol. Her and her husband, Jim, are amazing people. My 3 smart, funny, sweet nieces became like sisters: Erin, Colleen and Katie. I get to enjoy their children now and watch them in parenting struggles and joys.  

I graduated from California State University Fullerton in 1992.

In 1990 met a feisty, handsome, confident Dan Warren. He and I wed in 1992 and enjoyed 10 years of quiet together before our kids arrived. I had 3 boys in 3 ½ years. My marbles left when they arrived! Patrick is 10, Nico is 8 and Vince is 6. They are wonderful boys..smart, funny, athletic. Dan and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year.

I lost my brother, Dan, several years ago…he lost a lifelong battle with alcoholism. My other sister, Diane, lives close by. We have become really close in the last decade. My boys adore hanging out on their large property and playing with their adult cousins: Michelle, Hannah and Kevin. 

I have a varied career history including legal secretary, sales representative, vocational counselor, and police officer. After being on hold for 10 years to raise children I have recently reinvented myself to include t-shirt designer  (Xena Tees.com) and blogger. It was a difficult transition going from arresting bad guys (including pepper spray, batons, chases..) to being a stay-home mom but I have a feeling this next chapter will be just as thrilling.

My faith in God has been a constant throughout life..picking me up when I needed it and hitting me over the head too! My life is truly blessed—the good and the bad have shaped who I am today. I am looking forward to the next “chapter” of life!
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